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Leggo my… Lego: Review of ‘The Lego Movie’

ASSEMBLING Feb. 7. I see what you did there.

ASSEMBLING Feb. 7. I see what you did there.

Rated PG, 100 minutes (watched 2/23/14) There’s a twist in the final 15 minutes of The Lego Movie that makes everything perfect. I loved it. If it were at the beginning of the movie, I’d give The Lego Movie 5/5 or maybe even a 6/5. It’s just that for the first hour-and-a-half it was running at a 1 or 2 out of 5. Maybe I was just feeling grouchy that day. Continue reading


Art Saves Lives: Review of ‘Monuments Men’

Starring Matt Damon's Eyebrow

Starring Matt Damon’s Eyebrow

Rated PG-13, 118 minutes (watched 2/16/14) Review: One of my Western Civilization professors at Oklahoma Baptist University was quite fond of the phrase “Art Saves Lives.” She even wore a button bearing it, arguing that art preserves and communicates man’s essence, far beyond our mortal years. She would wholeheartedly agree with the theme of The┬áMonuments Men, that art is worth saving, sometimes even to the point of dying. Continue reading