A Christmastime High Five From the Koonces

christmastime high five

What a fun and crazy1 2014 it has been!

We are truly, truly2 blessed: we celebrated our first full year of marriage,3 rubbed shoulders with movie stars in Florida, caught a ballgame in Baltimore, took a road trip adventure to Kentucky, adopted a second dog, found the world’s best chicken wings,4 stumbled across a great new pizza place,5  discovered new TV obsessions,6 created a new snack at the movies,7 read some terrific books,8 saw our favorite celebrity9 live, made some new friends, learned some fun new board/card games,10 Brian learned he looks awesome in bow-ties (which means Megan learned to tie a bow-tie) and we celebrated Brian’s sister’s wedding.11 I know, right? What an awesome year! High fives all around! o/*\o 12

Megan and her clarinet13 continue to help lead worship in the church orchestra and they are sounding better than ever. Brian continues to love writing fun and compelling articles for the paper. The biggest change by far of the year is that Megan took a leap of faith and decided to go back to school full-time for her bachelor’s degree. Brian — not content to let her study alone — is back in class too. Megan is double majoring in psychology and biblical counselling through Liberty University14 and is doing great so far. Brian will finish his master’s in leadership through Hannibal-LaGrange University15 next summer and is enjoying it as well. We’re both very fortunate to get to study with Christ-centered schools dedicated to integrating a biblical worldview into the curriculum.16 It means a ton of reading and homework for both of us, but we’ve been helping each other out. As an added bonus, Megan’s more flexible schedule means she gets to go with Brian when he has to travel for work. o/*\o17 Another high five!

Life in 2014 though fun has been incredibly busy, and we can’t say it has been perfect; there of course have been trials,18 issues,19 disappointments20 and failures.21 However, we both try to approach life with the motto that any inconvenience is just an adventure in disguise.22 We can honestly say with complete confidence that God’s blessings and providence far outweigh them!23

As we enter into this season of gift-giving,24 we’re both humbled as we think about the ultimate gift, the One that came 2,000 years ago that there might be “peace on Earth and good will to men.”25 We both sincerely hope and pray this note find you well, and that you have a joyful Christmas and a fantastic 2015!

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  1. So fun and crazy this note needs extensive footnotes!
  2. Truly!
  3. The frozen wedding cake topper we thawed out and ate on our anniversary? Not tasty. Like, at all. God clearly intended cake to be eaten, and eaten immediately. Not frozen for years like some well-meaning government cryogenic experiment that goes horribly wrong. Wait, are we talking about cake or the Mel Gibson-Jamie Lee Curtis 1992 classic, Forever Young?
  4. Wings Cafe at 516 NW Englewood Road in Gladstone, Mo. Call Lee at (816) 413-9464 and tell him we sent you. Ask him for the sweet potato fries; they aren’t on the menu yet, but he’ll hook you up.
  5. West Main Pizza at 1931 W. Main here in Jeff City. Their crust is a work of art. Ooh, and they serve sodas in mason jars.
  6. Doctor Who, Mad Men, Once Upon a Time, Star Trek: The Next Generation (all on Netflix). Ooh! And Fargo (on FX).
  7. Next time you’re at the movies, mix some Watermelon Sourpatch Kids into your popcorn. It will change your life. There’s also Megan’s old faithful combo: popcorn plus M&Ms. #yolo
  8. The Fault in Our Stars, The Book Thief, The Minotaur Takes a Smoke Break, Intentional Walk: An Inside Look at the Faith That Drives the St. Louis Cardinals, The Cuckoo’s Calling, The Silkworm, American Gun and The Humor Code.
  9. Alton Brown. Yes, THAT Alton Brown. Nerd alert!
  10. Specifically, we’re now big fans of Love Letter, Formula D and Quarkle.
  11. Congratulations, Ryan and Kelly!
  12. If you can’t tell, this is two people high fiving. Get it? The two o are people’s heads, the / and \ are arms and the * is the Impact of Awesomeness?
  13. His name is Benny.
  14. Go Flames!
  15. Go Trojans!
  16. The two corgis have yet to announce any plans for higher education. Such a lack of ambition!
  17. You’re seeing the high five now, aren’t ya? o/*\o
  18. Three words: Backed. Up. Sewer.
  19. Hank is still a puppy and can sometimes be… Let’s see, what’s the polite way of saying it? A handful? Yeah. Let’s go with that. “Hank is a handful.”
  20. The Cardinals AND the Royals both lose to the Giants in the postseason? Grrrrr!
  21. For example, Brian failed to keep his New Year’s Resolution to learn Twitter #fail. Megan, on the other hand, failed to convince Brian they needed a third doggie whose name should be Norman. Both of these failures are probably good things in the long run.
  22. I bet you’re telling yourself “That’s a great motto, but I wonder how you say it in Latin. It’s of no use to me unless it’s in a dead language.” Boy are you in luck! It’s valebat est rectam nomen pro incommodo. Don’t you feel smart now?
  23. If you’re getting this silly little note, congratulations! We consider you one of the blessings! Give yourself yet another high five! o/*\o Wait, now the high five thing is kind of looking like two snails kissing. Hmm. This changes the entire letter!
  24. “I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!” “No, you’ll shoot your eye out.”
  25. Luke 2:14.



One response to “A Christmastime High Five From the Koonces

  1. Loved your letter! How fun!

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