Shopping Cart: A Trip Down Memory Lane

amazon-boxes-100563149-primary.idge turned 20 this week. I can’t say I’ve been on board since day one (I was only 13), but my shopping history shows I’ve been trying to make up for lost time. I’m fairly certain I made my first purchase on Amazon in 2004-ish, but Amazon only shows my purchases through 2006. I remember being very skittish about making online purchases in the beginning. How adorable I was back then! Heck, last week, I ordered sunscreen from Amazon because I was too lazy to go to Walmart. You’ve got to love Prime shipping!

So in honor of Amazon’s birthday, let’s take a look at an annotated look through my (partial) purchase history and see what we can discern about my shopping habits. (Note that even I list the number of purchases, that doesn’t necessarily reflect the number of items per order.)

2006: 12 purchases

2006 11 07We’re gettin’ weird right off the bat. This is one of my very first purchases and for the life of me I can’t remember why I bought (or what became of it). Still, it is interesting to note that the price of this knife throwing manual has dropped 41 percent. Also interesting, that I apparently bought it from a Bible Verse. 

2007: 19 purchases

2007 05 03

Ugh. I remember the dark days when I thought a Bluetooth earpiece made me look ultra cool.

2007 06 12

Ahh, good ol’ Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. This is one of my all-time favorite books. Fair warning, it’s very long (the paperback edition has over 1,000 pages) and very… British. Think of it as a mashup of Harry Potter and Jane Austen. You need to give it a long trial; don’t just read 10 (or even 100) then give up. I highly recommend the audio book, though at 28 CDs in length, it too can be intimidating. Fun Fact: The book has been made into a BBC America miniseries running now.

2008: 9 purchases

2008 11 14

Judging from the date, you might guess these were Christmas presents. You would be correct (my sister got the bonsai, mom got the pizza cookbook). Did you even know you could buy trees on Amazon? I can’t remember if I meant the bonsai tree as a serious or gag gift, but I do remember that my sister actually got attached to the little guy. She named him Benji.

2008 12 01

More Christmas gifts. Mom loved (and still loves the corn holders).

2009: 6 purchases

2009 08 23

Not the last time I’ll buy a novelty rubber ducky.

2009 11 09

I bought this in preparation for my trip to visit my sister while she was in grad school at Vandy. We went to a football game. They lost :-(.

2010: 6 purchases

2010 04 05

Hey, I remember this book! It’s travelogue by a guy who decides to circle the globe without using air travel. Instead, he has to figure out how to get around stowing away on cargo ships, trains, rented scooters, camels, etc. It’s a fun read.

2011: 26 purchases

2011 01 31

Megan and I got into old school musicals and we still enjoy the genre. Singin’ in the Rain is one of the best movies ever made!

2011 04 01

My trusty Cardinals hat. It has seen many a game and saved me from many a sunburn!

2011 04 25

By this time, Megan and I had been together for almost a year. While we weren’t ready to get married yet, I did a lot reading ahead of time to help me understand what a godly marriage looked like.

2012: 42 purchases

2012 01 10

Free advice: don’t purchase gun accessories on Amazon. They may be cheap, but they’re all terrible. The only exception is this reasonably priced AR grip.

2012 01 10 part 2Ahh, the game that started Megan’s Zelda addiction.

2012 11 18

I enthusiastically and proudly stand behind each of these three items.

2013: 47 purchases

2013 02 28

I love this! I don’t know where she got the idea, but Megan suggested with take a picture at our wedding with a parachute. It was a priority for us, we bought it even before we bought my wedding ring. The parachute picture turned out to be one of my favorites:


2013 07 08

Ha! On the flight back from our honeymoon in Las Vegas, Megan and I realized we hadn’t bought any souvenirs for ourselves. Then as we flipped through the SkyMall catalog in the seatback pocket, we laughed out loud at this absurd giraffe toilet paper holder. Later that night when we got home, I decided we had to have it as our honeymoon momento (how many people can say that?). Anyway, Amazon was much cheaper than SkyMall. Another solid purchase.

2013 11 21

Another purchase I stand by 100 percent! I love this steam cleaner. I hate doing chores around the house, but I enjoy steam cleaning. (We paid much more than the $0.00 shown here. There was some sort of mix up with our order and Amazon ended up sending us a second cleaner for free.)

2014: 53 purchases

2014 10 30

We were very late to the party, but we got into Doctor Who last year.

2014 11 04

Aww, it’s Zippy the Duck!

2014 12 17

Nice. This is my “spare” wedding ring. My actual wedding ring has been in the shop for weeks at a time twice, so we decided to invest in a super cheap backup to wear when the starter is being repaired. Before the wedding there is no way I would have been OK spending just $20 on a ring, but it’s almost as good as the real deal. Almost.

2014 12 29

What? Don’t pretend like you aren’t buying over-the-counter cranberry supplements for your pets too. #bladderhealth

2015: 52 purchases… so far.

2015 02 11 part 2

I loved the movie, so I decided to read the book. It’s very interesting, but the tone is very different from the movie.

2015 02 17

Sin and Grace in Christian Counseling is just one of many books I’ve purchased for school in the past 12 months. And I wish the other one was as well.

2015 02 23

Megan and I are pretty rough on charger cords.

2015 04 21

I know it seems weird, but this was a great investment. Hank loved it! Until he destroyed it :-(.

2015 04 30Of course, not long after I bought all those iPhone charger cables, Megan decided to switch to an Android phone. I am happy to report however that her original charging cable is still in pristine working order!

2015 06 08Another fantastic book Megan and I both loved. The Martian doesn’t have a traditional structure: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, denouement. Nope, it’s is straight up from page 1 and is all climax. It’s also being made into a movie to be released this fall, but I can’t see how it will surpass the book.


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