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Mail Call: Woolly Bully, Batman and Throwed Rolls

Here’s a look at the fun that has graced my mailbox since March or so.

From Paul - Boston, Mass.

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Mail Call: Desert Hairy Scorpion, Hell and Back and 3 of Hearts

Since August… 23 postcards. I’ve been slacking off. (Other Mail Calls here, here, here, here and here.)

From Diane - Phoenix

From Michelle – Winston-Salem, NC

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Mail Call: Banana Slugs, Queen Elizabeth and Texaco Dealers in all 48 States

From Dad - London

I’ve kind of been slacking off in the deltiology department, so this edition of Mail Call is a little smaller than previous ones (here, here and here). I got a pretty good “shipment” in from London/Nairobi, so now seemed like a good time to update. Continue reading

Mail Call 3.0

From Ja - Yokohama, Japan

Here’s a look at what’s been piling up in my mail box lately (Thanksgiving through yesterday). I’ve really cut back on my sending since the fall, so that means I’m receiving a lot less too. Feel free to send me a card to add to my collection. I’ll probably send you one back :-). (You can see previous Mail Calls here and here.) Continue reading

Mail Call!

From my friend Amy - Marietta, Georgia

Let’s see… this is my stash since… looks like about Aug. 5. I’m hoping to get to the point to where the mailman starts delivering me other peoples’ postcards simply by force of habit. Continue reading

Soul Mate

DSCF8428I received a new postcard this afternoon from The Netherlands.

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Mail Call!


From Patricia in Lisbon, Portugal

A quick look at the postcards that have been gracing my mailbox this summer. Enjoy! Continue reading