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Link Dump: Single Ladies (in Mayberry) Edition


Year-End Movie Wrap Up

A list like this hardly seems necessary since I saw so few movies this year. But “not necessary” has never stopped me before (click here for the 2008 list). The 2009 Stubbies© go to: Continue reading

Not Late Late Late Late Late But Still Short Short Short Short Short Short Movie Review: Avatar 4/5

Rated PG-13. Click here to watch the trailer.


  • The 3D is breath-taking. The technology is ready for prime time. It’s not something I need every day, but it was effective and did not distract from the movie.
  • I think the CGI is the best I’ve seen.
  • It has Giovanni Ribissi. Score!
  • Blue Cat Aliens are surprisingly sexy.
  • You need to see it.


  • Sam Worthington – the main Blue Cat Alien – is not a good actor.
  • If it weren’t for the 3D and amazing CGI, it’s a pretty meh story (it’s basically Dances With Wolves in space).
  • Uses “papyrus” for the title font and its subtitles. Lame. Papyrus is only marginally better than Comic Sans.
  • It’s way too long. 162 minutes.