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Mascot Madness

I’ve never been a fan of college basketball, but I am a big fan of mascots. Thus, I’ve taken the idea from Slate and ran with it (though frankly, they’ve done a much better job than I do). Forget “bracket-ology,” studying rosters, strength of schedules and a given team’s record on the third Tuesday of every month when it’s rained in the 90 minutes preceding tip-off. Forget rankings, conference tourneys and what the Vegas odds makers. THIS is how March (Mascot) Madness is going to go down: in real life, which mascot would eat/maim/runover the other?

You’d better hold onto to your black and gold socks, Mizzou fans, because I have the Jayhawks losing in the first round!

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Zip! Bang! OBU!

Forget the NCAA. NAIA is where it's at!

In case you missed it, my alma mater won the NAIA basketball tourney last week. Proof once more that Bison do indeed go with Ka-rip!