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Mail Call: Woolly Bully, Batman and Throwed Rolls

Here’s a look at the fun that has graced my mailbox since March or so.

From Paul - Boston, Mass.

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Play Along: 2,011 Letters

I recently stumbled across 2011 Letters, a marvelous effort by a homeschool ¬†family in Roanoke, Virginia to receive 2,011 letters this year. You should take 10 minutes out of your day and write ’em a quick note. Here’s what they’re asking for: Continue reading

Mail Call: Monkeys with Carnations, Bridge Trivia and the Battle of Blue Licks

From Ryan - Redondo Beach, Calif. (There's an explanation as to why he circled a "hooker," but it's a long one.)

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Mail Call: Banana Slugs, Queen Elizabeth and Texaco Dealers in all 48 States

From Dad - London

I’ve kind of been slacking off in the deltiology department, so this edition of Mail Call is a little smaller than previous ones (here, here and here). I got a pretty good “shipment” in from London/Nairobi, so now seemed like a good time to update. Continue reading

Mail Call 3.0

From Ja - Yokohama, Japan

Here’s a look at what’s been piling up in my mail box lately (Thanksgiving through yesterday). I’ve really cut back on my sending since the fall, so that means I’m receiving a lot less too. Feel free to send me a card to add to my collection. I’ll probably send you one back :-). (You can see previous Mail Calls here and here.) Continue reading