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Ahh, Yes. I’ll Have the Risotto: Review of ‘Chef’

chef square

I wonder what John Leguizamo is looking at.

Rated R, 114 minutes (watched 6/14/14)

Chef isn’t going to be listed among the great artist achievements of the early 21st Century, but it’s nothing if not a fun, engaging and downright tasty way to spend a summer afternoon. Just be sure you eat before the movie, otherwise you’ll leave starving. Continue reading


Dispatches from the Front Line (of the Cupcake Wars)

The Food Network program “Cupcake Wars” is generic, a little boring and repetitive (and I say this as a FN junkie). On the other hand, staging your own Cupcake War over the long Fourth of July weekend, complete with time limits, tight budgets and a distinguished panel of judges is  at least seventeen different kinds of awesome. The results below are pretty incredible, especially for six amateurs. Continue reading


Apparently I watch too much Food Network