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30×30 update

via Dinosaur Comics

Another birthday, another year wiser/older and another opportunity to check in on my 30×30 list. I’ve actually made some significant progress without even trying. Out of the original 30, I knocked out eight in the past 12 months. and have six more in the works. Actually, it’s conceivable I could knock out 20 of the 30 by the end of the year. Of course, a list like this is purely arbitrary; it won’t be like my first 30 years of life will be a failure if I don’t make it. It’s just nice to have goals and ideas to work toward.
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Last night I went to a performance of Handel’s Messiah at Jesse Hall in Columbia. In short, it was incredible. Who would have thought that an 80-minute oratorio would go by in the blink of an eye? My seats was dead-center, the first row of the balcony. Best seat in the house. Then as I left Jesse it started snowing. It was a Christmas one-two punch!

The only down side was the woman seated next to me who kept gasping “Oh! It’s so gorgeous!” That, and she had terrible, terrible gas. Oh well, two out of three ain’t bad.