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If the Shoe Fits: Review of “Cinderella”

That is one dark, foreboding sky.

That is one dark, foreboding sky.

Rated PG, 105 minutes (watched 3/14/15)

While standing in line to see Disney’s live-action remake of Cinderella (and there was a line), a woman corralled by the velvet ropes took her place behind us, kids in tow. She was holding a large pizza. Continue reading


The King’s Speech, 5/5

Some movies just make you feel good. The King’s Speech, a funny and touching historical drama, is one of them.

Kings of the Middle Ages could garner respect through battle exploits, fear or even just plain old good policy decisions. Kennedy beat Nixon, we’re told, because he was more telegenic. But when an heir to the throne must also become a war-time radio star what’s a stuttering monarch to do?

In the real-life case of Prince Albert (not in a can), you get horribly frustrated with yourself and avoid the microphone like the plague. Continue reading