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‘Christmas Miracle’ strikes again

JEFFERSON CITY — In what is quickly becoming a beloved Christmas tradition, Yuletide inflatable yard ornaments mysteriously appeared at the west-side home of Don and Bernadette Hinkle over the weekend.

A seemingly related incident occurred at Hinkle’s Pathway office at the Baptist Building on east High Street at approximately the same time. Continue reading


Turning Water into Wine and Wine into Water

Last month, I came face-to-face with a deep spiritual crisis whilst staring at a tiny cup of grape juice. I was reminded of this crisis this morning as I read Luke 22: Continue reading

Best. Christmas. Ever.

As the clock struck 3 Saturday morning, I was not at home tucked snugly into my bed. No, I was out braving the elements striving to bring a Christmas miracle to our very own Grinch.

My boss went on a 10-minute tirade last Thursday during staff meeting complaining about his neighbor’s inflatable Christmas yard decorations. It was inevitable that someone would begin taking up a collection to bring some inflatable cheer to his yard over the weekend, and sure enough we collected $160. We went to Lowe’s and bought four display models (a $400 value) for $160. It was a Christmas miracle!

The four inflatables were: Continue reading