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Let My People Go… Home and Rent a Better Movie: Review of ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’

Evidently the guy on the right has alopecia.

Aww, the poor little fella on the right is jealous of Christian Bale’s beard :-(. It’s OK, Baldy. Your sweatervest is shinier!

Rated PG-13, 150 minutes (watched 12/14/14)

It’s impossible to watch Exodus: Gods and Kings and not compare it to two movies: this spring’s Noah and the 1956 classic, The Ten Commandments. You get no points for guessing this modern action epic falls short of the Charlton Heston/Yul Brynner masterpiece, but I was disappointed that it didn’t even rise to the much lower bar set by Noah. Whereas Noah was a decent movie underneath the layers of extrabiblical story (and rock monsters!), Exodus retells the biblical account in its own odd way without even giving us the satisfaction of being a good movie. Continue reading


Grab Your Umbrella: Review of ‘Noah’

noah square

Right, now who’s ready for some spear fishing?

Rated PG-13, 138 minutes (watched 4/2/14)

Before I went to see the matinee of Darren Aronofsky’s new movie, Noah, I reread the biblical narrative. In the HCSB version, it’s just over 2,000 words and took me all of five minutes to finish. So how does a filmmaker – an atheist filmmaker – make a 138-minute $130 million-dollar blockbuster from such brief source material? The answer is that you throw the scripture into a blender and add a ton of filler. But although Aronofsky – who publicly said he set out to make the least biblical movie ever – has scrambled the biblical historical narrative, I believe he accidentally stumbled into a movie with unmistakable Christian messages. Continue reading

Vegtastic Voyage: Proof Texting and Steamed Seasonal Vegetables

Note: It is a cookbook. Not canon.

When it comes to vegetarianism and faith, we’ve already established  two concrete facts: 1) about one in 20 herbivores (six percent) avoids meat for religious reasons and 2) God is firmly in the pro-bacon camp.  Continue reading