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#confusion or Old Man Brian Shakes His Fist at Twitter, or Martha and Me

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I keep waiting for the fun to kick in and for everything to finally click. I’ve groped in the dark, blindly hoping that I would eventually come into the light and have my a-ha! moment. I even convened my own travelling clinic, consulting trusted experts. But try as I might, Twitter in my eyes is still less microblogging revolution than bewildering Fail Whale of duplication. Continue reading



  • I still don’t understand Twitter’s apparent usefulness and/or value, but this Venn Diagram is helping. Sadly, this blog does not have a Twitter Feed, enabling me to keep up with its every move. BTW: For my money, Facebook is the much more effective tool in the stalker’s repertoire.
  • This Old Spice commercial is all kinds of brilliant. It works on several levels. Specifically, it makes men jealous that this good-looking, good-smelling man on a horse is talking to our woman, offering her diamonds and tickets, and asking her to compare us with him. Plus, he’s on a horse. Must. Buy. Old Spice.
  • I need to add this bullet-proof polo shirt to my birthday list. I’ve always wanted to wear the same shirts as a ruthless Venezuelan dictator!
  • What happened to Silent Bob is my secret fear. Stay strong, Brother. Stay strong. FREE SILENT BOB! FREE SILENT BOB! Actually, I just feel really sorry for the flight attendant who has to break the news.
  • For those of you who think soap is too germy and it isn’t getting your hands clean enough.
  • How has it taken Mankind this long to invent the ping pong table door?
  • Mario’s online dating profile. The best part is that under for ethnicity, he put “plumber.” Oh, and he’s Catholic.