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You Know What I Like?

You know what I like? I like Robert’s Rules of Order. They’re just fun! It’s organized, officially and (mostly) polite arguing. I especially like it when the chairman/president have no idea what’s going on and charmingly stumble through business. It keeps things exciting. You think something is cut and dry and BAM you find our your still eight votes and 12 and a half motions away from settling the question. “What’s that? Oh, we didn’t just vote on that? I thought we did. You sure? I said “aye.” I thought that came from a committee so it didn’t need a… No, YOU’RE out of order! OK, I heard someone yell second but I have no clue who you are.” Continue reading


30×30 Update

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It’s been a busy summer when it comes to my famed 30×30 list. Right now I’m sitting at 12 completed, eight in progress and ten still left to tackle. Here are the ones I’ve made progress on since we last spoke about it.

3. Go a month drinking only water STATUS: COMPLETE! Continue reading

Breaking News, People – Thirsty Thursday is Back!

($1.06 with tax)

Ode to Sonic’s Thirsty Thursdays

(originally posted April 3, 2008)

How do I love thee, Thirsty Thursdays at Sonic?
Let me count the ways
They number four and two score ounces,
One for each in that Styrofoam cup on those ruby red trays, Continue reading

2009 By the Numbers

I just realized last week that this decade is ending. Where have I been? So on this momentous occasion, I reflect back on the year of our Lord, 2009. I can’t complain a bit.


Movies seen in theaters (a 64 percent decline from last year’s 53 movies) Continue reading