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Wild Goose Chase

Good job, you guys, you’re just a few steps from home
This next clue you could phone in, or to the blue/white frozen custard shop roam

You’re doing so well, I’m sure you’re far ahead; You’re going to win this, I bet
Just text Brian the “Flavor of the Day” and BAM! The key to PDF Clue 3 you’ll get

(btw, if you comment you get an extra 2 minutes off your time)


Sulking in Schenectady… or, Jonah and the Platypus

I guess you just had to be there.

Call me Jonah. OK, fine, I didn’t spend three days in the belly of a whale (hopefully you would have heard about that by now). But I am very guilty of sitting in the shade and pouting while God does incredible things all around of me. Continue reading

Too… Much… Cereal…

And this is just the left overs.

Link Dump: Scooter Luggage FTW Edition