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Volunteer Survives While House Disintegrates

(Photos and story by yours truly)

Gary Hunley is used to disaster. Hunley is a member of Oronogo Baptist Church and a Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief (DR) “Blue Hat” (site boss), which means he normally seeks disaster out, chainsaw in hand. This time, the disaster found him. Continue reading


One Man’s Story of Survival in Joplin

(Photos and story by yours truly)

With storm sirens sounding, Greg Hailey closed his Bible, put it safely in a nylon satchel and used it to rest his head. Joplin’s Harmony Heights Baptist Church had no basement, but Hailey and 52 others took cover as a tornado interrupted their evening worship service May 22. Continue reading

Vegtastic Voyage Finale: The Meat-Cute

Wait, what are all those vegetables doing contaminating my meat?

All good things must come to an end, and luckily, so must all self-imposed vegetarianism. Rejoice, for my month-long exile from flavor and texture has come to a close! But alas, it’s not all so simple…

Continue reading