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Vegtastic Voyage Finale: The Meat-Cute

Wait, what are all those vegetables doing contaminating my meat?

All good things must come to an end, and luckily, so must all self-imposed vegetarianism. Rejoice, for my month-long exile from flavor and texture has come to a close! But alas, it’s not all so simple…

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Vegtastic Voyage: Smorgasbord 2.0

By far, these fake meat balls have been the best vegetarian "meat" discovery. 9/10!

We’re 21 days into this no-meat thing, and suffice it to say that it’s not been easy. Here’s some of the non-meats that have been gracing my and Megan’s tables these past three weeks: Continue reading

Vegtastic Voyage: Proof Texting and Steamed Seasonal Vegetables

Note: It is a cookbook. Not canon.

When it comes to vegetarianism and faith, we’ve already established  two concrete facts: 1) about one in 20 herbivores (six percent) avoids meat for religious reasons and 2) God is firmly in the pro-bacon camp.  Continue reading

Vegtastic Voyage: Smorgasbord


Quick poll: How many of you, upon reading the headline including the word “smorgasbord,” immediately flashedback to the musical number by Templeton the Rat in Charlotte’s Web? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Anyway on to our main point: We’re 11.5 days through our Vegtastic Voyage, and I’ve eaten some interesting stuff. Emphasis on both “interesting” and “stuff.” Continue reading

Vegtastic Voyage: Demographics and Sanctified Bacon

Kryptonite. Greasy, savory Kryptonite.

In the introduction to this little Vegtastic Voyage, I made a joke about going no-meat meaning you were a hippie. My first draft used “dirty hippie,” but I decided to soften it at the last minute. Continue reading

Vegtastic Voyage: This goin’ be tough, y’all

Even though it didn't taste like fajitas or beef enchiladas, the salad was very pretty and I'm a big fan of tortilla soup.

A word of advice for those of you dipping your toes into the temporarily-vegetarian pool: Don’t start things out at a BBQ joint. Continue reading

Vegtastic Voyage: The Last Supper

If I’m going to go a month without meat, I’m going out with a bang. A delicious, meaty bang. A 12-oz. sirloin should do the trick!

Then you’ve got Megan’s last indulgence. Even though my steak was twice the size of her’s, I still say she won because her meal had not one but three different meats (steak, bacon and shrimp)!

We begin our Month-of-April Vegtastic Voyage a day early, because we’ll most likely be breaking our meat-fast for Easter Sunday.

We’re still looking for good vegetarian recipes and meal ideas… help!